Mailchimp Video Tutorials for beginners

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This video training course will cover MailChimp.

This Mailchimp video tutorials course is for anyone who wants to learn MailChimp. 

Are you a student who wants to make some extra cash doing MailChimp tasks for others? Or an entrepreneur on a low budget who would like to save money in sending his/her own newsletter campaigns. This course is for you.

The videos are edited with mobile friendliness in mind. This means that the cursor position is zoomed into so that while watching the videos on a small device, it is possible to follow along. I will be glad to hear your feedback on this so that I can make the videos even more mobile friendly.

This MailChimp training Course was created with the latest MailChimp version and in case of any new upgrades or updates on MailChimp.Com you will be able to notice the changes. I took a lot of time in recording and editing the videos while also explaining the important aspects of MailChimp.

By the end of this MailChimp video training you will be able to :

1. Work with Lists :

Create Lists

Adding Subscribers Manually

Import Subscribers

Other Lists features such as segmentation

2. Understand working with MailChimp Forms :

General Forms

Embedded Forms and embedding them (On WordPress and any WebPage)

Subscriber Pop up Forms

3. Create and edit any Newsletter Templates:

Creating a basic template

Starting from an inbuilt MailChimp Theme

Code your Own MailChimp Template feature for Importing your template into MailChimp

4. Send and Monitor MailChimp Campaigns

5. Add another MailChimp User


1. You will work and refer to the files offline

2. You can easily watch the videos on your Mobile device – Learn on the go

3. I will provide support through my website link within the videos and explain anything else further for those buyers I have on record as having acquired the files from here. You will be able to ask for my assistance here or on my website and I will help you further.

4. You will get the highest quality of sound and video every time you click to watch a Video.

5. You will get any shareable course Material for this course


Feel free to provide any useful feedback in order to make the learning experience better and easier for you.

Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding this MailChimp video course

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Mailchimp Video Tutorials for beginners

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I want this!